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Value Supported Living Defined

True and xxxxxxxx Supported Living, does not just mean that you are supported to live in the way you want, but rather that your housing and support is built around you rather than you fitting into a service; which is why Credence Homes offer custom tailored solutions.

What to look for in a Supported Living Provider
Addressing who (if anyone) you live with, and where
you live is the tip of the iceberg as far as providing supported living is concerned.

Your provider should be xxxxxxxxx in your choice of who supports you and how you are supported. They should be equipped to assist you in acquiring assistive tools and technologies. Their concern is not limited to your initial placement, but for your long-term comfort and peace of mind.

How can I check the quality?? Of my supported living?
REACH standards published and maintained by Paradigm are designed to enable you to check if your provider meets all aspects of supported living.

What Assistive Technologies are available?
Assistive technology and adaptations which enable independent living come in many forms and guises. It includes everything from special-purpose computers, smartphones and smart homes (Alexa and Google) to wheelchairs, prosthetics, and modified tools for the kitchen. Ideally your provider should take a consultative approach to recommend what may be of interest to you.


Can I be supported to live in my own home?
Supported living is not just for people who are more independent. Anyone can have support to live in their own home with the right support.

Supported living networks?

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